YouTube Music’s ‘2020 in Review’ playlist is here to take your mind off everything else

YouTube Music

2020 has been one doozy of a year so far, and it’s not quite finished yet, unfortunately. And while we managed to dodge a bullet otherwise known as YouTube Rewind 2020, YouTube Music has taken it upon itself to rustle up a ‘2020 in review’ playlist for its subscribers.

YouTube Music isn’t giving you any great insights into the music you’ve listened to throughout 2020, instead it’s merely collecting the Top 25-100 songs you’ve listened to and placing them in a playlist for you to listen to.

YouTube Music’s “2020 in review” comes as the final nails are hammered into Google Play Music’s coffin, with this being the beginning of the music streaming service’s solo journey.

Besides your personal Top 25-100 songs, you’ll also find a “Top Songs of 2020” playlist with separate playlists for other genres appearing. If your “2020 in Review” playlist is to your liking, you can click on the Add to Library button to add it to your library of playlists in your YouTube Music account.

You can check to see what your “2020 Year in Review” playlist says about what you’ve been listening to this year by clicking the link below.

Click it Now: YouTube Music 2020 in Review

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