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Apple made waves in the enterprise space with the acquisition of small device management vendor Fleetsmith.

Why Apple acquired Fleetsmith

Apple’s on-going enterprise push includes larger enterprises and major partners like IBM, SAP, Jamf, Accenture, Oracle and others. These large-scale firms can help key clients with broad Apple hardware deployments.

The other strand of the company’s reach into business computing is at the SME end of things, where over half of businesses now support Macs. In that space, Apple’s clients have become used to providing their own tech support. But as soon as this goes beyond a handful of seats, the task of managing all that Apple kit becomes more time-consuming and onerous.

It’s this piece of the jigsaw that I think the Fleetsmith acquisition fits.

If I’m right, Apple will be able to extend its existing Device Management offering with an integrated solution designed to make it much easier for smaller enterprises to better manage devices and onboard new employees.

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