US Customs seizes OnePlus Buds, claims counterfeit AirPods

OnePlus Buds

Today US Customs seized some “counterfeit” Apple AirPods as they were coming into the United States. That’s fair, and certainly what their job is, but here’s the kicker: the headphones they seized weren’t counterfeit.

In fact, the headphones were the OnePlus Buds, which are hardly what we’d consider egregious AirPods knockoffs. Didn’t stop the government agency from tying them up, though.

OnePlus Buds seized at the border

We’ll be totally open about the state of wireless earbuds right now; there are quite a few headphones that could certainly be mistaken for AirPods at a glance. There are also undoubtedly tons of headphones that really are just masquerading as AirPods but are complete counterfeit junk that could potentially have exploding batteries. There are legitimate problems to worry about.

But this? The OnePlus Buds do kind of look like AirPods, I guess, but not any worse than tons of other headphones that we’ve reviewed, or several of the currently available headphones on Amazon. Hell, I just searched “AirPods” on Amazon and these things are listed immediately after Apple’s official models.

No matter how much you might think OnePlus ripped off Apple, you can’t tell me they’re more guilty than these headphones from FatCat Wall Graphics. They even come with a proprietary Apple Lightning cable!

To make matters worse, US Customs has completely doubled down on this. They’re saying that the OnePlus Buds violate Apple’s trade dress and trademarks. It’s pretty absurd.

I’m sure this will get worked out in the long run, but it doesn’t make the story any less stupid for the time being.

via: Android Police

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