[Update: Sold out] The first 100 OnePlus Nord pre-orders sold out in seconds

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus has announced that the first 100 Nord smartphones will be available for pre-order tomorrow. The previously brash handset maker wanted to give potential buyers a heads up as it doesn’t expect these first hundred devices to be available for long, hinting that it is giving away “some pretty awesome merch” for those customers pre-ordering something based on the brand and product alone.

[Update July 1st] The pre-orders became available at 9 am (BST) and promptly sold out in a couple of seconds, unsurprisingly. To clear up any misunderstandings, the ‘pre-order‘ was not for the actual handset, instead, it was for a €20 voucher to be used against the purchase price of the Nord when it does go on sale. In case you were wondering, the €20 voucher cost €20, and while it may not seem like great value at first glance, OnePlus is promising to include some free accessories with the phone when the order is eventually completed.

Initially thought to be a single model, OnePlus Nord is set to be a suite of products, inspired by OnePlus wanting to return to its roots – selling affordable, higher performance technology. OnePlus explains on its website that it will be “some time” before the Nord is announced in full, but we believe this will be July 7. There are rumors about the specification and features, which point towards a solid, mid-range, 5G-compatible device with fewer premium features compared with the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones. We also cannot be sure what markets the OnePlus Nord will be released into and how much it will cost. For our American rumors, it is possible that the OnePlus Nord will only be released in the US market in very limited quantities some time after the rest of the world.

“We thought we’d give you an early warning because, well, they’re probably not going to be around for long.”

As the company has refined its smartphones, and as the price has increased, it has spent less time in the press for all the right reasons. During the early days, it seemed unusual for OnePlus not to be covered for inappropriate marketing, privacy concerns, or an unusual specification decision. The Nord range has certainly caught the attention of the market, together with the prospect of seeing the other products in the Nord family. I hope the smartphone as released and reviewed is worth the hype, especially given how much we enjoy the current OnePlus 8 flagship phones.

Source: OnePlus

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