University of Minnesota Introduces New Apple ‘Triumph’

The University of Minnesota apple team has done it again: Their newest apple cultivation has been named ‘Triumph’. The red apple was created by crossing ‘Liberty’ and the popular ‘Honeycrisp’ apple varieties, and boasts a “pleasantly tart and well-balanced” flavor, as well as a long shelf life. 

The new apple coms with the occasional stem bowl russeting. It also shows excellent tolerance to apple scabbing, a disease common among different apple varieties that leaves them covered in dark spots and renders them inedible. 

The Triumph trees will be available for purchase in 2021 through nurseries licensed by the U of M, but you may have to wait a while to sink your teeth into a Triumph apple, as it takes several years for the trees to produce fruit.

When the Triumph trees finally bear fruit, they’ll do so in late September, just a little bit after its Honeycrisp parent. More importantly, where will it sit among apple enthusiasts’ ranking of the best Minnesota apples? Time will tell.

The following nurseries are able to propagate and sell Triumph trees:

  • Cameron Nursery (WA)
  • Gold Crown Nursery (WA)
  • Moser Fruit Tree Sales (MI)
  • Bailey Nurseries (MN)
  • Adams County Nursery (PA)
  • Schlabach’s Nursery and Orchard (NY)
  • Wafler Family Orchard (NY)

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