Trump impeachment trial, Myanmar protests, Saudi activist released, Bitcoin and Elon Musk

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It is video testimony before the U-S Senate that has thrust an unsung hero into the limelight. Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman who on January 6th directed rioters away from lawmakers and in one instance, saved Republican senator Mitt Roney from the wrath of the mob.

This Friday’s Union Day in Myanmar, a national holiday, marked by the biggest turnout yet after seven days of growing protests against last week’s coup. Protesters defying martial law and rubber bullets. The junta marked Union Day by releasing prisoners but it was clearly not enough to dissuade citizens from marching, nor was the warning to civil servants from the night before.

Another tangible win for women’s rights came with the conditional release of Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul. She had spearheaded the right to drive movement.

Why is Bitcoin’s value suddenly skyrocketing? And why has Elon Musk in this speculative frenzy announced that you’ll be able to buy his cars using the cryptocurrency. In a regulatory disclosure, the Tesla founder announcing a massive bet on Bitcoin.

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