The Universal Clckr Grip review: A tale of two hands


Having received the Clckr sample pack a few months ago, this could be classed as a long-term review of the universal smartphone grip told in dual perspectives by myself and Claire, my wife. The Universal Clckr (pronounced as Click-er) is a useful accessory that not only eases the strain of holding your phone but also adds functionality in the form of a kickstand. With a $13 price tag, the attachment fits most smartphones with or without a case.

Join us after the break for a somewhat unusual review of the Universal Clckr told in two perspectives – big hand and little hand!


Being an accessory, the Universal Clckr is available in a number of finishes that include boring Black, Camo, Neon Yellow, Gold, Holographic, and even one that looks like a Galaxy S5 band-aid. I chose a black leather unit while my wife took the excellent looking plasticky purple option. Depending on which finish you choose, the Clckr is available in large and small sizes although the review units were both of the small sizes, which was perfect for Claire’s smaller fingers but not so much for my sausage-like fingers that aren’t as easily accommodated.

Made out of plastic with a strip of sticky 3M adhesive on its rear, the Clckr doesn’t feel all that sturdy before you put it on the back of a phone but once it’s stuck on it feels like it will stay there until you decide to remove it. Sticking it on the phone is as easy as pie. First, you determine where to place it, and then you simply peel off the protective layer of paper from the adhesive and plonk it on to the designated area.

The phone grip helps ease the strain of holding a smartphone and a kickstand that lets you set your phone in portrait or landscape mode. Once installed, it adds 4.2mm to the thickness of your handset, and while the increase in girth is noticeable, it isn’t too obtrusive. The phone still slips into the front pocket of my jeans as per usual with no special effort needed.

The big hand perspective

Seeing as I had a transparent case on the phone I attached my black unit to its rear instead of directly onto the phone. The grip has stayed where it was placed until a week ago whereupon it was removed and transplanted to a different review unit. It certainly wasn’t the easiest thing to remove and that’s not a bad thing because it needs to stay stuck on the phone.

The grip is strong enough to hold the roughly 200g weight of the Find X2 Pro, with the phone dangling face down while I was walking, on multiple occasions. Rest assured, I did test this inside the house first, just in case.

I’ve read Amazon reviews saying that the adhesive isn’t durable but that hasn’t been my experience of it, nor Claire’s, and she just throws her phone into her handbag at times. So long as the phone is clean and dry or the case isn’t textured like faux leather, the Universal Clckr should have no issues staying where you place it.

The smaller size is a tight fit if you have big hands like mine, while it accommodated 3 fingers but quite it just wasn’t comfortable enough to extended usage. Luckily, that isn’t the only purpose of the Clckr. I found that it came in really useful for propping the phone up in portrait or landscape for hands-free viewing of the latest episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway.

The Clckr grip is compatible with wireless charging if you attach it directly to the phone’s back panel. Sticking the grip on to a case adds a bit too much distance for the wireless charging to function reliably, if at all. So there is that to consider if you rely on wireless charging at the desk.

The Clckr is a real alternative to the well-known PopSocket accessory, and in my view, a better option. With the Clckr in place, you can rest your phone on the rear and it’s more stable due to it being flat instead of rounded and the act of holding the grip is more comfortable because you don’t have a piece of plastic wedged between your fingers. It’s one of those things that comes down to personal preference, but for me, the Clckr wins hands-down because the PopSocket only lasted a couple of weeks before I disposed of it.

The small hand perspective

The grippy-thing review by Claire

I have been using the Clckr for over 3 months now. I can’t imagine being without it on the back of my Galaxy S9+! It’s intuitive to use and just fits my hand without any effort. I had been struggling with RSI in my thumb and forefinger for a few months and tried various ways of holding the phone, installed different cases, and holds but nothing really helped. Since sticking the Clckr on the back of my phone, it has eased significantly.

The Clckr is really easy to attach, just peel off the backing, position it where it would comfortable to place your hand, on the back of your phone and voila. I have attached my purple unit to the back of my clear case. It’s unobtrusive and looks like it is a built-in feature of the case. After 3 months of use, it’s proved to be durable and has even sustained me during daily walks where I have used it as a grip for my phone. It works as a really handy stand, just click it once into place and the phone stands up on its side or bottom with good stability.

One con is that it may not fit larger hands, I have a slimmer, smaller hand than my husband so I can fit my hand into the grip easily and comfortably for extended use.

Is it worth it?

Claire says yes, she would totally buy it, and that she is actually looking at buying a different design, which makes sense because using the Clckr eased her RSI. I’m a little more on the fence, but it definitely brought enough functionality for me to keep using it for the past three months, which says something.

When not in use it’s neither help nor encumbrance, which again isn’t a terrible thing when you think of it. It means that the Clckr waits unobtrusively for the moment it’s needed, and if that isn’t the essence of a handy accessory, I’m not sure what is. At $13, it’s difficult to argue against its usefulness.

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