The OPPO Find X3 will launch in 2021 with support for 10-bit color and full DCI-P3 wide gamut

It’s no secret that we enjoyed our time with the Find X2 Pro when reviewing OPPO’s 2020 flagship, and now we are looking forward to seeing its successor launch next March. The Find X3 is said to be launching with an end-to-end image processing system to let the handset shoot images that can be shown exactly as they are on the display as well.

OPPO says that color calibration will be a focus of its Find X3 handset which will support digital overlap HDR and shoot images at different exposures to achieve a wide color extraction. The Find X3 will also support 10-bit color depth and the DCI-P3 wide color gamut to produce an authentic and accurate color reproduction.

“Compared with the depth of 8-bits, the 10-bit color depth tones down the artificial visual features brought about by gaps in colors. The 10-bit color depth further improves color gradient to enhance the quality of visual content during creation and post-editing,” says Oppo.”

The move to using HEIF image storage will result in JPEG’s taking up half the usual storage while bringing more detail, fully supports a wide variety of multimedia, such as static images, Exif, depth information, and dynamic videos, thus giving users more creative freedom. There may be further improvements to the format according to OPPO.

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