The OnePlus Nord will be available in the US, but not as you know it

OnePlus Nord

After all the fanfare of last week’s OnePlus Nord launch and the disappointment that it wouldn’t be coming to the US in any great number, there may be a glint of hope on the horizon. According to comments made by OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, the Nord will find its way to the US market, although perhaps not in its current form.

In an interview with Wired, Carl Pei said that a phone using the Nord-branding will reach the US sometime during 2020, so basically in the next five months. He also qualified this by saying that it wouldn’t necessarily be exactly the same phone that launched last week, and that makes sense when you consider that the Nord branding is for a range of handsets, not for a single device.

Other than that intriguing factoid, Carl Pei wouldn’t be drawn in to further comments about what the US can expect for its version of the Nord. The differences could be good such as an upgraded processor such as the Snapdragon 768G, a touch more RAM, or even refreshed cameras. Or, it might mean the opposite such as a downgrade to an LCD display, a Snapdragon 730 chipset, inferior cameras, you get the picture. It’s all speculation, and you have to know that that is the way that OnePlus likes it.

Taken purely on face value, the OnePlus Nord coming to the US later in 2020 will be a good thing. We hope.

Source: Wired

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