The MediaTek-powered Neo QLED 8K Smart TV from Samsung is the first 8K TV to feature WiFi 6E connectivity


Samsung’s newly announced Neo QLED Smart Television with 8K resolution promises to upgrade your viewing experience with more pixels and better connectivity than ever before. But, as with so many smart devices, it uses silicone from MediaTek whose chips power a vast array of household devices ranging from Bluetooth speakers to set-top boxes to web-cams and mobile devices such as the Realme 7 5G and Galaxy A32 from Samsung.

Besides sporting an 8K resolution, Samsung’s new Neo QLED Smart Television is also the first 8K TV to feature WiFi 6E with 1.2Gbps speeds and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, courtesy of MediaTek’s MT7921AU silicone.

“Consumers depend on fast, reliable connectivity, whether they are using their TV for streaming, gaming or following along with workouts. Our collaboration with Samsung has been instrumental in bringing consumers the latest smart TV technology to support these uses and beyond,” said Jerry Yu, MediaTek Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Intelligent Devices Business Group. “With our advanced connectivity technologies – including WiFi-6 support – integrated into Samsung’s 8K TVs, we’re driving the premium smart TV segment forward globally.”

WiFi 6E offers a number of improvements over previous WiFi standards, including uncongested bandwidth in the 6GHz spectrum, significantly faster multi-gigabit data throughput, lower latencies, as well as the latest security and reliability features.


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