The Galaxy S21/S30 Ultra 5G will reportedly support the S Pen

Galaxy S21

As we near mid-November the Galaxy S21/S30 hype machine is upon us with rumors that Samsung will launch its new flagship earlier than ever in January, and also a recurring message that it could support the S Pen. Considering that the S Pen has previously been the exclusive feature of the Galaxy Note range, this is a noteworthy rumor that has once again reared its head.

The story comes from a regular leaker, Ice Universe, who states that he can confirm the presence of S Pen support for the Galaxy S21/S30 Ultra. But, while S Pen functionality may be present in the form of a digitizer underneath the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s display, it would appear that Samsung isn’t allocating the S Pen an internal storage slot as it does with the Galaxy Note range.

This means that we’ll no doubt see a range of phone cases with storage slots for the S Pen, and that Samsung will sell a tidy number of replacement S Pens as S21/S30 Ultra users lose them. That being said, perhaps the addition of S Pen support to the Galaxy S flagship is the first step towards the realization of the rumor that the Note series could be merged with the S range, and the Fold series of phones will fill its slot in the launch cycle.

Source: Ice Universe (Twitter)

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