Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may have a punch hole selfie camera

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

When Samsung officially announced the Samsung Galaxy Fold, they showed the world that they are able to innovate and produce a startling piece of technology. On paper, the Galaxy Fold has an impressive specification, boasting a high end processor, plenty of RAM and storage, a dual front camera array and a triple main camera assembly, oh and did I mention a 7.3-inch foldable primary display, together with a 4.6-inch cover display. When handled, the Galaxy Fold feels very sleek and high-tech – just as you would expect from the price tag.

The design has a few quirks. One is the size of the camera bump on the back, and another is the large section of the main display housing the dual selfie cameras, triggering asymmetrical rage for some. Samsung’s marketing literature often uses dark images when showing off the unfolded display to minimize the distraction, and many people may not even notice it. However, Twitter user Ice universe recently posted an image that appears to show a rendered image of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with a punch hole selfie camera. This greeny yellow image of a hummingbird is not flattering of the rumored display with an eyesore of a camera in the middle top of the right hand side of the unfolded screen.

Ice universe followed up the original image with another picture stating that the location of the punch hole camera makes sense by superimposing another phone screen over the rumored Fold 2 display, but I am unconvinced – the Fold 2 doesn’t need to follow conventional phone design as it is not a conventional phone.

Some rumors point to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 being released in the fall, and if this is true we don’t have long to wait until we will see for ourselves. In the meantime, as with all rumors and renders, this one should probably be taken with a pinch of salt.

Source: Ice universe’s Twitter

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