Regulating AI without stifling innovation

Most people are probably unaware of the everyday, simple use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in action. Smart home speakers, Siri and Cortana phone assistants, personalized social media feeds and website adverts are all driven by AI. But at what point does seamless customer experience stop being enough and consumer privacies or “creepy” AI-driven ads start to put people off?

It’s not just consumers and end-users that AI will benefit. Many see AI as enabling businesses to foster innovation and want to introduce regulation to minimize the disruption in the growth of the technology. Others however have concerns around privacy, discriminatory AI algorithms, unchecked growth and potentially unwarranted use, so AI has become an area of concern for many. As AI adoption increases and it becomes more ubiquitous in both our personal and professional lives, it will come under increasing scrutiny to ensure it is used as a force for good.

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