OnePlus Watch might launch in two different versions

We saw the OnePlus Band very quietly launch right before CES 2021, but it didn’t offer the usual bombastic excitement that we typically get with OnePlus launches. It was an affordable, slim fitness tracker, which is fine, but where’s the OnePlus Watch we’ve been waiting patiently for?

While we’re still expecting to see an actual announcement sometime this year, we’re getting another hint at what the OnePlus Watch will offer.

OnePlus Watch in two variants

This leak comes from Mukul Sharma on Twitter, who found certification for two variants of the OnePlus Watch on the Indian BIS website. The models are listed as W501GB and W301GB, although it doesn’t specifically mention what the difference is.

The two smartest rumors would be an LTE and non-LTE version of the watch. Connected wearables are gaining popularity, and this would give OnePlus a solid in to compete with Samsung and Apple.

But probably the most likely scenario is that one is a bigger watch face. Most watches these days come in two sizes, giving people an option between a smaller design for smaller wrists, or a bigger watch face if they’re comfortable with the larger design on their arm. Options are good, and I’d be surprised if OnePlus didn’t try and attempt that.

But regardless, with leaks like these it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll be getting some news from OnePlus directly one way or the other. Keep your ears out.

via: Droid Life
source: Mukul Sharma

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