New Gmail Settings Let You Sacrifice Smart Features for a Sense of Privacy – Review Geek

A screenshot of the new Gmail settings.

To give users control of their data, Gmail now shows a pop-up asking users to opt-in or opt-out of smart features and product personalization. The blanket settings turn off smart compose, automatic email filtering, and other features for peace of mind while using Gmail, Meet, or Chat.

Emphasis on “peace of mind.” In a blog post announcing the new pop-ups, Google pains to avoid the word “privacy” and insists that the new settings pop-up is “designed to reduce the work of understanding and managing” Gmail’s smart features.

Still, disabling product personalization and smart features may reduce the data that Google collects while you use Gmail, Meet, and Chat. Whether you’re privacy-minded or just want a stripped-down Gmail experience, opting out of these features may be worth protecting a little bit of your data.

You should see Gmail’s new privacy pop-ups in the coming weeks. If you want to turn off product personalization and smart features today, then you can do so through Gmail’s Settings. (I suggest waiting for Gmail’s pop-ups so you can disable everything at once. Picking out all the product personalization and smart features from Gmail’s opaque Settings is both difficult and time-consuming.)

Source: Google via Android Police

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