Nearby Share for Android rolls out in beta, ready to compete with Apple’s AirDrop

Android nearby share

Google has been working on an AirDrop competitor for Android phones for a while now, and it’s been through tons of iterations before it’s even been officially available. While it started as Fast Share, it’s transformed in Nearby Share and works exactly how you’d expect.

And now you can test it out in beta.

Nearby Share beta

This beta is being handled by Google Play Services on the Play Store, so to get in you’ll need to sign up to be a beta tester there. Once you’re in, you’ll soon have access to Google’s quick file sharing feature, although it won’t be too useful unless you’ve got other devices or friends that are also enrolled in the beta.

It works like Apple’s AirDrop and is integrated into Android’s share menu, which means you can quickly beam over photos, links, and other files without having to connect things over Bluetooth, get on the same WiFi network, or download any extra apps.

You’ll still have to confirm that you want to receive anything, so people can’t just blow your phone up with useless files, and you can toggle it on and off if you’re getting annoyed with too many popups or notifications.

And that’s the good news. We’re finally starting to see this feature roll out, likely in time for a full Android 11 launch. There have also been rumors about it working on Chrome, too, which would mean you’d be able to eventually start using Nearby Share with Chromebooks and other computers that have Chrome installed, which is nearly everything at this point.

source: XDA Developers

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