Movies Anywhere Watch Together lets you watch movies with friends

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of tons of digital services that want to bring people together and recreate the classic “hanging out” experience. It hasn’t always been perfect, obviously, but we’ve seen some cool stuff come out of it.

Movies Anywhere is the latest app to take a stab at it. Their latest feature, called Watch Together, lets you create and host a digital movie party where you can invite your friends to watch a movie together, all while keeping your distance from your own homes.

Movies Anywhere Watch Together

So how does this work? Well, it’s actually pretty similar to some of the extensions and things we’ve seen for services like Netflix. You pick the movie you want to watch, then share your room code with your friends so you can watch a synchronized version of the movie across up to 10 screens simultaneously.

You can interact with each other during the movie, too, displaying emojis at certain parts, and play and pause when anyone needs a snack break. There’s a chat feature, too.

But best of all, this does work with your Movies Anywhere library, so it keeps the door open for some cross-platform compatibility. Your friend with movie purchases on iTunes can still join in even though you buy your movies from Google Play, as long as they’ve Movies Anywhere supported.

Even if they don’t have the same movie, though, you can still share a Screen Pass to let your friend watch the movie. You get access to up to 3 Screen Passes per month so long as you buy a movie on MA at least once every 6 months, which is honestly pretty generous, especially if you’re trying to watch the same movies with your buddies.

Check it out.

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