Lost the remote for your Chromecast with Google TV? Google will sell you a new one for $20

Chromecast with Google TV

If you’ve bought one of the snazzy new Chromecast with Google TV streamers and already managed to lose the remote somewhere, we have some great news. No, you don’t need to buy an entirely new unit just to get a new controller, you can now pick up a brand new remote directly from the Google Store for $20.

$20 gets you a brand new controller in the color of your choosing; so if the original color you bought that went missing just didn’t do it for you, you can grab one in a different color to suit your newly enhanced tastes. Of course, if the missing remote does eventually turn up, you’ll be in for remote wars with whoever finds it.

If you are tired of someone hogging the remote and making you watch C-SPAN or ESPN or a documentary about the pot-makers in hills that also knit blankets, then a separate remote just for you could be your salvation.

You can pick up your new remote for the still awkwardly named Chromecast with Google TV (I can’t wait until Google renames it in 2021) from the link below.

Buy it Now: Google Store

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