LG says it might yet issue Android 12 update to some of its phones, maybe


The week started off badly in the Android world with the expected announcement of LG’s closure of its mobile business after years of posting losses innumerable mobile strategies. We mentioned the topic of software updates in our original coverage, and now LG has issued a statement on its website promising software updates (and OS upgrades) to a number of its handsets.

According to its website, LG is still planning to roll out Android 11 to a range of devices which, if its original roadmap is followed, should include the Wing and the G8X. LG even says that an Android 12 update is also planned, and although it doesn’t say which of its handsets will be updated, it’s likely to once again include premium phones such as the Wing, G8X, Velvet, and the V60 ThinQ.

There’s a bit of pontification in the statement which mentions the possible impact on its OS upgrade plans by Google’s distribution schedule, and the performance of each device when testing the new software. Basically, we can probably expect the old standby excuse of ‘the hardware being unable to run the new software efficiently’ being sent out as LG cuts back on its software support obligations.

It’s a little harsh on my part, but considering LG’s terrible reputation for software updates when it was still trying to make a success of its mobile business, why would it improve now that it’s closing the mobile business down?

Source: LG (Korea)

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