Lady Gaga Can’t Get Enough of Fiona Apple’s ‘Fetch The Bolt Cutters’ & the Little Monsters Love Her Taste

Lady Gaga proved she’s a Fiona Apple stan and can’t get enough of her 2020 album Fetch the Bolt Cutters for Gaga’s Billboard cover story today (Sept. 17), and Twitter is blowing up about it.

“I can’t tell you what a comfort Fiona Apple has been during this time,” Gaga gushed about the art-pop star, whose first album in nearly eight years went No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Rock Albums and Alternative Albums charts. “I just reveled in the way that girl is so herself. Anybody that’s going to tell me somebody is more relevant than Fiona Apple right now because they’ve got more followers on Instagram — I don’t have their number…. That right there? That’s culture.”

Zelda Hallman, who’s a close friend and roommate of Apple’s, replied to the cover story on Billboard‘s Twitter with the singer’s reaction to Gaga’s support. “Fiona Apple is totally off the net these days but I read her what you said. She literally grasped her heart, teared up, and softly said; ‘Lady. You stood up for me.’ It was really sweet. Thank you for the kind words,” Hallman wrote.

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