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Please read through all the guidelines to learn how to submit guest post that has a better chance of acceptance.

Write for techfans. Guest post with Techfans

Before we get to the instructions and details to submit your content to Techfans, let’s be honest with you.

We do not approve most of the incoming GUEST POST WE RECEIVE. This is largely due to the quality of THE ARTICLES WE RECEIVE.

It is not just about having the skills but putting it in a writable and readable format for easy flow.

One of the reason why guest post which we receive doesn’t scale through most especially at the first time is because of the poorly written format.

In some cases the guest post which we receive doesn’t fall into our target audience.

If you really have interest to write for us and you want your guest post to get publish kindly read through careful

Writing for Techfans is a great way to gain experience and reach more than 15,000 new readers every month.

Our work has appeared in the New York Times, Forbes and The Huffington Post, among others, and our customers have begun publishing high-rated articles and mails viral blog themselves.

Even though it is your first time of writing a guest post you need not to shiver or fear, we are here to guide you through in writing a very great and attractive guest post.

Our editorial team will give great support in ensuring your post comes out beautifully well written, so don’t feel you are alone in this process.

We love to work with writers who want to write exceptional pieces that are a great fit for our audience.

Five things you should know when guest posting with Techfans

  1. We tend to be a bit picky here when creating your content. We expect your content to be creative, original, high quality and useful for the Techfans audience. In sending us your article, tell us how it meets the requirements. We accept minimum of 1500 long words article.
  2. In as much as we love grammar-savvy writers, we do not invite Cynical and cunning writer, we don’t want you to offend our readers.
  3. Articles and pitches that contain nothing more than a title for a piece or topic will be kindly not accepted. The article will be immediately rejected.
  4. We are dedicated to helping writers maintain their own voice, all guest post should fit the tone and vision of our site and what our audience is looking for.
  5. Honestly, we dislike articles that are written just for the sake of getting backlinks. We reject most guest post seeking for backlinks though if your post flows naturally with backlinks it is acceptable.

How to submit your guest post to Techfans

Send your article or pitch to We receive a lot of submissions, and in a few months we will not accept any new articles, so it will take us a while to get back to you. So be patient while waiting for a response. But for a prompt response in 24 hours we do charge $5 for express publishing of your article.