Group Calling Now Available on Google’s Nest Hub Max

Group Calling

You may remember that nearly a year ago, Google began closing the gap between Google and Nest, presenting it as one solid brand to consumers. Shortly thereafter, Google released the Nest Hub Max, a smart home device designed to perform a number of functions, including a home security camera, digital picture frame, Chromecasting, and more. 

One of the neat features of the Hub Max is the video call feature using Duo or Google Meet, where you can call up a friend or family member to video chat. What’s nice about calling on the Hub Max is that because of the stand, it can be done hands-free, so you can talk while working on something else. Up until now, the Hub Max has only been able to accommodate one-on-one video calls through Duo, but as of this week, you can now video call with up to 32 people.

Google Meet, which just recently became free to the public, is an app that’s great for work meetings and online classes alike because instead of capping at 32 people, Google Meet allows 100 attendees. If you live in a region with a stay-at-home order still in place, this can be an especially helpful tool to help you stay connected. If you have a meeting already scheduled, you can simply say, “Hey Google, join my next meeting,” and the Hub Max will take you right to your meeting.

While group calling is big news for the Hub Max, Google shared they have more than that in the works for this device, including a unique beta opportunity for G Suite admins. If you’re a big fan of the Hub Max and a G Suite admin for your organization, it could be a great opportunity for you to jump at. 

G Suite or not, we’d love to know if you’ve tried the Nest Hub Max—and if so, what are your thoughts on this smart home product?

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