Google’s Stadia will soon gain official iOS support


It’s a year since Stadia launched and while it’s not the perfect cloud gaming platform that we would like, it is improving with age, albeit slowly. One area that was lacking was iOS support without resorting to third-party apps such as Stadium, but that is about to change thanks to Google announcing that ‘public iOS testing’ will begin in a few week’s time.

Google’s solution to officially supporting iOS is to develop a progressive-web-app (PWA) application, thereby bypassing the need to list every single streamable game on Apple’s App Store.

With competing cloud gaming services such as Amazon’s Luna, Microsoft’s xCloud, and Nvidia’s GeForce NOW putting pressure on Google to begin treating Stadia as a promising product as opposed to some exec’s hobby. Thankfully, with Google having spent big money to bring AAA gaming titles to the streaming service over the next few months we may see the search giant kick Stadia’s development into high-gear.

We’ve seen a couple of offers of free Stadia Premiere bundles to YouTube Premium subscribers as well as those pre-ordering the Cyberpunk 2077 title, providing proof of Google wanting to get people excited about the service.

Does the promise of official iOS support by Stadia make it more likely that you’ll sign up for Google’s cloud gaming service?

Source: Google (Twitter)

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