Google Workspace is the new brand of G Suite

Google Workspace

You might be familiar with G Suite, Google’s brand of enterprise apps and services. They mirror the consumer versions of those apps for the most part, especially in the realm of Gmail and Google’s Office Suite.

That’s not really changing, but G Suite is getting a rebrand. Going forward it’ll be known as Google Workspace.

Google Workspace

This doesn’t fundamentally change a whole lot about G Suite, if you’re a current user. However, it does put an exclamation point on all the work Google has done in 2020 to make their office suite work a little better in an environment where many people are working from home or on the go, and less often in traditional office settings.

Think of Gmail as your Workspace. Everything you need to do can be done from within Google’s mail service, whether that’s starting up chats or video calls, digging through files, starting a spreadsheet, or managing your calendar appointments. Having all of that easily accessible in one window, instead of having to use multiple apps and services spread out across your computer, really does a good job of representing how people work these days.

Going forward, Google is continuing to add features that reflect this mindset. You’ll soon be able to collaborate with guests on a document in a Google Chat room, for instance. Picture-in-picture video chat is coming to Google Docs/Sheets/Slides as another big feature, and Google has already opened up some of their existing office services to more free and guest users just this year.

If you’re not a business user, this won’t affect you much. But if your company does rely on Workspace going forward, you should see your experience improve quite a bit, at least from a continuity perspective.

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