Google Photos gains new editing tools but you’ll need to be a Google One subscriber to access them

Google Photos

Google recently made some changes to how it operates its Photos app with the removal of the free, unlimited high-quality storage tier for users from June 1, 2021, along with the addition of some exclusive editing tools for Pixel users. Now everyone has the option of accessing the ability to use Portrait Blur and Lighting tools, and there’s also a new, more robust video editing solution available, but that unfortunately comes with a caveat.

Google Photos’ new video editing tool can only be accessed by users with an active Google One subscription, which may prove controversial as it seems that the search giant is withholding features from one app to force users to subscribe to another.

“With the new video editor, in addition to trimming, stabilizing and rotating your videos, you’ll now be able to crop, change perspective, add filters, apply granular edits (including brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth) and more”

As for the actual video editor, it brings more than 30 controls to help you customize the content to your liking.

To access the new video editor you’ll need to have signed up for a Google One subscription that starts in the US at $1.99 monthly for 100GB of storage and the promise of member benefits when Google decides to throw you a bone. Current Pixel users will of course have free access to the editing tool at no extra cost.

What do you think? Are you willing to sign up for Google One just to have access to the video editor and the other imaging tools on Google Photos?


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