Google Kids Space is a new initiative to put more relevant content (and ads) on children’s tablets

Google Kids Space

Google has launched Kids Space for Android tablets, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it and spin it. It’s designed to make things a little more relevant on specific tablets, which is cool, but it’s also a sneaky way to put more ads on your screen.

Google Kids Space

So here’s how the new feature works. After you select specific interests that relate to your child, they’ll start to see recommendations centered around those interests, like arts & crafts or cooking. There’s some fun stuff, like jokes, facts, and other content recommendations. It does legitimately have some educational purpose thanks to Google’s “teacher-approved” apps on Google Play.

They’ll see recommendations for those apps so they can get into appropriate apps and content based on their interests, making it easy for your child to dig into new apps and games can keep them entertained and learning all on their own.

There are also book recommendations, educational YouTube suggestions, and even some offline activities that they can do while they’re away from the tablet.

All in all this one definitely feels like an answer to Amazon’s kid-friendly Fire Tablets and Free Time service, but that’s not a bad thing. Google Play has a huge swath of content available, and having a safe environment for a kid to read and play and learn isn’t so bad.

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