Google gets chatty about when it expects to kill off Hangouts


It seems like Hangouts has been on the chopping block for years, having features and functions removed and redistributed to Google’s other messaging apps. Now, the search giant has finally revealed a rough timeline on when Hangouts could be put out of its misery, with users able to begin ‘upgrading’ to Chat sometime in the first half of 2021.

To make the transition easier, Google will automatically migrate your Hangouts conversations, contacts, and saved history over to Chat. Hangouts eventual demise affects other aspects such as calling and texts, as such Google will remove Fi support in early 2021. The SMS function is moving over to Messages by Google, which will allow users to make calls, access voicemail, and manage conversations from Messages across devices (even when their phone is off). Google says it will provide guidance about these changes during this month.

Google Voice users are also affected, with the search giant removing Voice support for Hangouts early next year, users will instead be directed to the Voice app for texting and calling. And, thanks to the new regulations being introduced in the EU, Google has to remove the calling feature from the app in early 2021 and will notify users on how to go about getting a refund for their remaining credits later this month.

With Google having finally announced a rough schedule on when Hangouts will sent to the graveyard, what are your thoughts on the proposed migration to Chat and Messages?


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