Everything you need to know about building your own website with GoDaddy Websites + Marketing

If you’re a professional or own a business, not having a website to showcase your services and products is the second worst mistake you can make. The first is having a badly designed website. Good websites follow certain basic design principles. For instance, a website should be clutter free. All relevant information should be presented neatly and where possible segregated into categories for easy access. Whether this is in the form of sections on a single-page website, or different pages entirely will depend on individual preference and your products and services. But even before you consider the intricacies of designing a good website, you have to consider the total cost of carving an online presence. This in itself is dependent on many different factors. 

After all, there are several things that you must keep in mind before you start on the path to creating your own website. At a minimum you must be intimately familiar with the type of content you wish to host. This will determine the type of website you create, and the features you will need. Next is the space and the bandwidth, which will vary depending on the content you host on the website and the traffic you anticipate. Another crucial element is deciding the underlying platform. Above all else, a modern website should be able to function on all devices such as desktops and mobile phones. 

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