Dropbox HelloSign handles all your signatures in one place

Dropbox HelloSign

Dropbox has had a pretty busy week, announcing a password manager and more new features to its app. It’s not stopping there, though, with another feature being added to the service today.

Not only will Dropbox make for a better cloud storage option, but you’ll soon be able to sign documents right from within the app, saving a lot of time for anyone that deals with signatures often.

Dropbox HelloSign

Dropbox is calling the feature HelloSign, and it aims to handle securely storing, saving, and signing your documents. There’s a lot of competition in this space, which you’ve probably noticed if you’ve ever browsed an app store or Chrome’s extension options, but having it integrated right within Dropbox gives the service a leg up on other cloud storage apps and positions it as actual competition to Microsoft’s OneDrive and Office 365.

It’s fully featured, too, giving you the option to send a document from within your Dropbox to someone else. It can require multiple signatures, and you can even specify if you need a full signature or just initials, which is nice.

From a business perspective, this is a sleek move that should cut down on paper waste and save a ton of time, and it’s fully encrypted and keeps audit trails.

Expect it to be available on the web on most major browsers, with Safari support coming soon.

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