Details and renders of Apple’s anticipated AirPods Studio leak

After leaker Fudge posted some photos of what are claimed to be Apple’s new AirPods Studio headphones, Jon Prosser has released details and renders about the new wireless over-the-ear headphones.

Jon Prosser has posted a tweet talking about the details of Apple’s anticipated “AirPods Studio” headphones as well as offering some renders of what the headphones will look like.

Prosser confirms that the headphones will be called AirPods Studio and that the current codename of the product within Apple is B515. He says that the headphones will feature a high-quality leather and metal finish as well as magnetic ear cups for potentially interchangeable cups.

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According to Prosser, the headphones will actually be reversible, meaning that you won’t have to know which side is left or right – the headphones will automatically detect how you are wearing them and route the audio correctly.

The headphones, like all of Apple’s wireless headphones, will not feature a headphone jack. They will, however, feature a USB-C port, most likely for charging but which also opens up the possibility of running audio through USB-C.

AirPods Studio
(codename: B515)

  • High quality leather / metal
  • Magnetic ear cups
  • Reversible – detects R/L ear
  • No headphone jack
  • USBC port

These are the renders we were making in order to protect the source.

Rumblings of AirPods Studio have been around for months now, but it is still unclear as to when Apple will announce or release and product.

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