Cloud computing vs. edge computing

Cloud computing isn’t exactly a new concept. Its benefits are well known in the business world and without it we wouldn’t have a large number of services that companies of all sizes rely on today. It’s no surprise then that 85 percent of companies believe cloud adoption is necessary for innovation. However, it is during the current Covid-19 crisis that cloud has really come into its own, enabling millions of companies around the world to continue to operate whilst almost all their workforce logs on from home.

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Nick Offin, Head of Sales, Marketing and Operations, dynabook Northern Europe.

Newer concepts like edge computing are regularly discussed alongside the cloud, often as if they are each exclusive approaches to infrastructure. However, using one does not eliminate the ability to use the other. Some people also believe that edge computing will eventually replace traditional cloud computing, however, this isn’t the case. Both technologies have important and distinguishable roles within an IT ecosystem.

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