Best portable SSD of 2020: top external solid state drives

The best external SSDs are useful for not only expanding your PC’s storage space, but also keeping your files portable while protected. Unlike portable hard drives, they have no moving parts so they’re faster and less likely to break. And, quite few of them have a rugged build, so you can take them on your travels and adventures.

As the best external SSDs bring quite a few benefits to the table, they’re worth considering if you’re thinking about getting additional storage for your laptop or computer. However, as there’s quite a selection of portable SSDs out there, it might be hard to weed out the bad ones and find the best for you. You’d want, first and most important of all, a capacious drive so you won’t run out of space when backing up your important – not to mention, large – files like videos and photos, while also making use of the inherent speed benefits of a solid state drive.

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