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There are a lot of calendar apps out there, and when you’re looking for the best one to fit your lifestyle, it can be tough to sift through the app store. That’s why today, we’re sharing the best calendar apps on the market right now. We’ve done the sifting for you and we’re highlighting only the best features from each of these calendar apps so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Google Calendar

It may not seem like much at first glance, but Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps you can get. Its clean format makes it simple to switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views so you can see what’s on your schedule whenever and wherever you need to.

Google Calendar has a variety of awesome features, but one of the best is its integration with other Google apps. On Google Calendar, you’ll be able to utilize Keep integration for notes and lists, Gmail integration for events and bookings like hotels and flights, and more. You can also set weekly goals on Google Calendar, and it will automatically populate into free space on your calendar that week.

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Simple Calendar

If you like to keep things simple, look no further than Simple Calendar. With Simple Calendar, you can streamline even the busiest of schedules, keeping everything all in one place on your device for easy access. Unlike Google Calendar, Simple Calendar lacks bells and whistles. But where it lacks, it also shines—creating a blank slate for users who want a calendar without the frill.

Simple Calendar is an easy app to use and allows for color coding appointments and blocks of time. While there are some different view options, the customizations are quite slim, making it the perfect choice for many users.

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Details matter—and this is an area where DigiCal truly delivers. Between clean aesthetics and thousands of ways to customize it to fit your liking and lifestyle, DigiCal is a fantastic option for anyone in search of a calendar that has it all.

The awesome thing about DigiCal is that it has the potential to replace some of your other apps. Yeah, customizing the UI is a nice feature (I mean, who doesn’t have a strong respect for Dark Mode?), but when you can set appointments, plan tasks, check the weather, and navigate to your next destination all in one place, now that’s a calendar.

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Business Calendar 2

With Business Calendar 2, you can split your schedule into different calendars to help you focus on whatever part of the day you’re in, or choose to see it all at once. You can create a “home” tab to schedule maintenance or cleaning, a “family” category for things like soccer practice and dentist appointments, a “work” section for meetings, and so on.

This is an awesome calendar app for anyone struggling to organize their busy schedule. You’ll be able to see everything at a glance, or in separate calendar or category views. In addition to that, you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of different customizable options in Business Calendar 2. And if you download the free app and purchase the premium features, you’ll have access to attaching files and photos to scheduled items, try out new themes, print, and more.

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TimeToDo is a simple calendar and to-do list hybrid. The interface for assigning a task to your schedule is as easy as two taps on your device, and the task is created and assigned to the proper time. TimeToDo has a pure, clean look so you can see everything on your calendar clutter-free.

With TimeToDo, not only can you set your schedule items to repeat, but also your tasks. If you have recurring tasks like bills, deadlines, and more, you can set them to repeat, and create reminders for them. This calendar app is where seeing your schedule meets getting things done, and it will be a fantastic productivity tool for just about anyone.

Download TimeToDo on Google Play

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