As PS5 and Xbox Series X lean into high resolution, PC gaming remains all about choice

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are just around the corner at this point, and will focus on delivering a 4K 60 fps experience in as many games as possible – though that may not be many at launch. However, while there are graphics cards on the horizon that should theoretically be able to handle 4K 120 fps+, the PC gaming world has such a wide range of experiences that it may just take a different path than consoles altogether over the course of this next generation. 

We are at a point where the best gaming PCs are more prolific than ever before. In a TweakTown post, it was reported that Steam had 95 million monthly average users – which is way more than Xbox Live’s 65 million, and just under PlayStation’s 103 million. 

Unlike consoles, however, the magic of PC gaming lies in the capability to custom tailor your hardware to the types of games you play and get the experience you want or need out of those titles. 

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