Are Apple’s New Computers Poised to Change the Game for Photographers and Filmmakers?

The first Apple computers with the company’s own chips are here, and they bring with them the promise of notable performance gains with highly impressive battery life. What will the benefits and impact be for photographers and filmmakers? This excellent video examines what we can expect.

Coming to you from Tyler Stalman, this great video discusses the benefits of Apple’s new in-house M1 chip in the Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. The move is of huge consequence, as it represents Apple’s first step away from Intel chips, and bringing both the hardware and software under the same roof should provide some notable benefits. I am personally extremely excited for this new chapter. My 2017 iPad Pro still offers ludicrous levels of performance, and I am very excited to see what Apple’s own chips can do inside laptops and desktop computers. Another benefit is the massive gains in battery life. For example, Apple rates the new 13-inch MacBook Pro at 17 hours of battery life for wireless web browsing and a whopping 20 hours for video playback. Certainly, the promise of fantastic performance and such extreme battery life is quite exciting. Check out the video above for more from Stalman. 

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