Apples New M1 Processor Demolishes the 2019 iMac with 8th Gen Core i5 6-core CPU

Apple’s new exciting M1 CPU was just announced and promises significant performance gains over the companies previous systems equipped with Intel core processors. Unfortunately, in Apple’s presentation, the performance numbers shown were at best vague and non-conclusive. That leaves us in the dark as to where exactly the M1 will actually land in terms of CPU performance. That changes today with a tweet from @andysomerfield, who has real performance numbers for the Apple M1 chip in the Affinity Photo benchmark. The M1 is put against one of Apple’s older 2019 iMacs with an 8th generation Intel Core i5 6-core CPU that features a boost frequency of up to 4.1GHz.

Affinity Photo is a photo editing service with a built-in benchmark that measures vector and rasterization performance. Apple’s M1 processor scored the following:

Apple M1 Affinity Photo Benchmark Score (Image credit: Twitter)
  • 504 points in Single-Core Vector
  • 2032 points in Multi-Core Vector
  • 538 points in Multi-Core Raster
  • 6966 points for GPU Raster
  • Combined 532 Single Core
  • Combined 7907 Single GPU

For the Core i5 and Radeon Pro 580X combo in the 2019 iMac, here are the results:

Affinity Photo Benchmark

2019 Core i5 Equipped iMac Affinity Photo Benchmark Score (Image credit: Twitter)
  • 310 Single-Core Vector
  • 1515 Multi-Core Vector
  • 393 Multi-Core Raster
  • 8133 GPU Raster
  • 407 Single Core
  • 5568 Single GPU

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