Apple Watch 6 leak reveals a battery boost

  • A new leak points to at least one model of the Apple Watch 6 having a battery capacity of 303.8 mAh.
  • The Apple Watch 5’s capacity is 296 mAh, while the Apple Watch 3’s battery is 279 mAh, so this would be an upgrade.
  • However, two other leaked Apple Watch 6 batteries have lower capacities, which could be for smaller models or those without LTE.

It looks like the Apple Watch Series 6 will be getting a battery upgrade when it launches later this year, although you may want to temper your expectations about how big a stamina boost it’ll actually represent.

The news comes via Twitter user @yabhishekhd, who shares an Apple battery that’s just gone through the Korean Testing and Research Institute’s certification process. The battery has a model number of A2327 and a capacity of 303.8 mAh. However, two other leaked batteries have smaller capacities than the Apple Watch 5.

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