Apple To Release Brilliantly Upgraded iPad Soon, Analyst Claims

Apple’s next iPad is coming soon, according to the latest research note from the formidably well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at TFI Securities. And it will be the first tablet from Apple to have a new display technology, miniLED, something which could look amazing.

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Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted before that Apple will have six products with miniLED LCD displays before the end of 2021, three Macs and three tablets.

But the latest research note, seen by MacRumors, seems to change the analyst’s timing, which previously suggested the first iPad with miniLED would be an upgraded iPad Pro with 12.9in display and could be with us in the last months of 2020.

Although there were plenty of people who found this timing unlikely – after all, the latest iPad Pro was released just a few months ago. Perhaps a second iPad Pro in 2020 was never on the cards, or else things changed. Either way, Kuo now says that the first miniLED iPad will arrive in the first half of next year.

The reason miniLED is so exciting is that in some ways, it offers similar benefits to OLED, deeper, inkier black shades and improved power usage. Plus, where OLED can suffer from burn-in, miniLED and LCD combined do not. There’s also longer battery life with miniLED than OLED promises.

The new prediction comes in relation to a Taiwanese company, Career Technology, which Kuo says is to provide components for an iPad with miniLED.

So, which iPad will it be? Well, the leading contender has to be the iPad Pro, of course. Though Apple doesn’t always introduce new technologies on the Pro – the Touch ID sensor in a power button was introduced on the iPad Air just a few weeks ago – it’s the most likely.

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Plus, although it will be just one year since the last Pro, a short time for iPad releases, the other main iPads, the iPad Air and iPad, were updated even more recently, in Fall this year.

Additionally, some felt that the iPad Pro needed a bigger processor upgrade than it got this year, when the A12X was replaced by the A12Z rather than an A13 variant.

Now that the A14 Bionic has been introduced in the iPad Air and iPhone 12, it seems likely that the next iPad Pro will have an enhanced version of the A14 chip.

There’s one other iPad in the range, of course, and it’s overdue and upgrade. That’s the iPad mini, with its 7.9in display. This is rumored to gain a larger miniLED screen, so perhaps it will arrive alongside a new 12.9in iPad Pro, also in the first half of 2021.

The iPad range continues to change fast – the move to a 10.2in display in the entry-level tablet, new design on the iPad Air and the LiDAR scanner on the iPad Pro have all happened recently.

But a completely new screen technology will be a radical upgrade which could look sensational.

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