Apple Officially Releases iOS 13.6 with These New Features

Apple may be preparing for iOS 14, but that doesn’t mean it has forgotten about iOS 13. The Cupertino company today released iOS and iPadOS 13.6 to the public. This latest version is a significant upgrade that brings support for Car Key and new features to Apple Health, Apple News, FaceTime to the UAE and more. This update comes more than a month after the release of iOS 13.5.1 and the unveiling of iOS 14. Continue reading to learn what’s new in iOS 13.6.

Car Key Support

Apple added support for Car Key, which allows you to use your iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock your NFC-enabled car. This feature makes driving much more convenient. Instead of remembering to grab a physical key or key fob, you only need to have your iPhone or watch on you. Car Key only works with select car models, with BMW among the first manufacturers to support this technology. 

Health App Adds Symptom Tracker

Apple Health has a new symptom feature that lists the common symptoms you experience during an illness. Each symptom includes a small description to help you pick the symptom that best fits how you are feeling. You can use this feature to track your symptoms when you are sick. You not only can log the symptoms, but you can also add in the seriousness of the symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Apple previously allowed users to log symptoms in the menstruation tracker, but this new feature is geared for the average consumer who wants to track their symptoms so they can share that data with the doctor.

Automatic Updates Toggle

This new version of iOS adds a pair of toggle controls that lets users decide when and how they would like to receive their updates. First, users can determine if they want to download updates automatically when connected to Wi-Fi. Users also can decide if they want iOS to install the update overnight automatically. Turning off both toggles means each upgrade must be downloaded and installed manually.

Listen to Your News and Never Lose Your Place

Apple’s News app now allows you to listen to breaking news stories instead of reading them. These audio blurbs are great for commuters who can catch up on the news on their way home from work. Another minor tweak will save your place in a long article, allowing you to re-open the app and start reading right where you left off.

How to Upgrade to iOS 13.6

Both iPhone and iPad owners can upgrade to iOS 13.6 on compatible devices by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Apple also released iOS 12.4.8 for older devices that cannot run iOS 13.

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