Apple M1 Macs appear to be chewing through their SSDs

There’s growing concern among Apple M1 Mac owners that the SSDs in their lovely new machines are being hammered by excessive swap file usage (via LTT Forums). This could see the machines fail in less than two years, if the numbers are correct, and while this really is a worst-case scenario, it still paints a worrying picture about the longevity of the new machines. Something compounded by the fact that the SSDs are soldered on the mainboards, which means replacing them isn’t straightforward.

Core to what’s going on is the way in which SSDs work, specifically the number of writes they can reliably support. The flash memory on the drives can only be written to a certain number of times before becoming unstable. There are plenty of systems in place to spread the load across all the memory cells, but essentially there’s a point where the drive has been written to so many times that it can no longer reliably hold the information.

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