Apple Confirms Surprise New iPhone 12 Release

08/01 Update below. This post was originally published on July 30

Almost everything is known about Apple’s new iPhone 12 range: both the good and, more recently, the bad. And now Apple has confirmed their release as well. 

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Speaking on an earnings call following the publication of Apple’s (stratospheric) third-quarter earnings, company CFO Luca Maestri revealed the iPhone 12 line up will be delayed. 

08/01 Update: acclaimed Apple insider Jon Prosser has added more context to Apple’s iPhone 12 release news. He tells me that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models “are staggered so they want to try to line them up the best they can before announcement.” This suggests we could be seeing different levels of stock for the entry-level and Pro versions at launch and availability is likely to vary significantly, depending on which model you buy, if Apple can’t balance this ahead of their new launch timeframe. Apple has already worked miracles to get these new iPhones to market close to their normal timeframe, but it looks like there will be some rough edges to their release as a result.

This is something of a surprise given a) the iPhone 12 launch event is understood to be the earliest in years, and b) retail stock was expected to be in small supply initially, rather than specifically delayed. That said, Maesrti had good news saying supply will be “available a few weeks later [than usual].”

For context, Apple launched the iPhone 11 range on September 20. By this measure, and given Apple is a big fan of Friday retail dates, that would peg the release of the iPhone 12 line-up for October 2 or October 9. Considering Apple’s love of under promising and over delivering, October 2 would be my bet. 

But perhaps the biggest question is whether the iPhone 12 models are worth waiting for? Certainly, they get a lot of the big details right but Apple also appears set to controversially downgrade their battery capacities and increase prices while also scrapping popular catch-up screen tech

It’s a gamble. But at least you now have an extra “few weeks” to make up your mind. 


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