Apple and the future of work

We’ve learned a lot during the pandemic. We’ve learned that remote working can be productive and that multi-cloud, multi-platform deployments are very likely to form key components of the future enterprise. And we’ve learned that Apple’s products are good for business.

Cloud services for the people

Think about on-premises and off-site service provision:

While it’s true that heavily regulated industries will keep key components of their enterprise stack on premises (or at least at highly secure server farms), they will still make use of cloud-based services for some of their implementation.

This trend to ‘XYZ as a service’ is verifiable: IDC claims use of premise-based collaboration systems shrank from 65% to 45% between 2017-2020

It makes sense. It is after all much easier to provision new kit or new colleagues using remote management tools and Office 365 than it is to send someone from IT round to a remote worker’s home, fully masked up and tested to be COVID-free.

Services provision is similar.

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